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Monday, 3rd September, 2012

Today was the most mind numbingly boring trivial day. Loads of people were really excited, acting as if they hadn’t seen each other for years, when, in fact, it was actually last week. Then, they were excited because now they are the oldest (which in their minds means the most important) people in school, yahoo for them. . .

I was so bored that I made a list, I like lists and make lots of them, this list is:

Things that bore me.

School (this is an overall category, it has many subcategories.)

My peers at school (they used to be just called class mates or other pupils, or just kids, now they’re peers, and that’s part of other people poking their noses in, making up labels, I have so many labels chucked on me that I could practically make a label coat.)

My “peers” piss me off because – they split themselves into boys (dull, macho idiots who never talk about anything except football and lurk around in groups too frightened to separate from each other, in cialas case – in case of what?)

Then there are the girls – they spend all their time talking about the boys, as if that bunch of fools could ever be of interest for more than five seconds. They all smoke because they think it’s hard and they’re too frightened to say no because everyone does it.

I can never understand why girls far more clever than the boys flutter and flirt around them as if they were something special. Why do they need the attention of a hormone filled Neanderthal to define them – it’s a given fact that all boys see a pair of tits, not a person when they look at girls.

The school smell – it just stinks, what can I say?

Teachers – Should I have put them first? The first subcategory after the School heading, no, they’re not that important, they’re just sad. There are three types (subcategory thing again, I make lists, they don’t have to be perfect)

Teachers who think that teaching is a vocation and that they were born to teach, they’re doing us a favour, we may remember them for the rest of our lives and give thanks every time we achieve something – yeah right.

Those who are masochistic bullies – who can’t get along in real life, with their peers, so they have to lord it over the poor sods who have to trail into their classrooms every day.

Then there are the real saddos, those who gave a toss once, but don’t anymore; it’s been ground out of them. They really don’t care at all. They take no interest in any of the pupils. They just want to get through the day and leg it off home for a big, stiff drink.

I’ve worked myself into a frenzy of rage. I’m off to laze about in a hot bath. I hope I don’t bump into mum; she’ll try and stop me for a conversation.