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Saturday, 8th September, 2012

There’s another loony at our school, a proper loony this time, her name’s Janice (yeah, dull name, I know), anyway, she’s a cutter, she cuts her arms. I don’t know what she normally does it with, but one day I saw her scoring into her arms with a compass in maths. She doesn’t do it for effect (that’s how I know that she’s a proper loon, not just a saddo looking for attention), she hides the cuts, but sometimes they break open and you can see a little bit of blood on the sleeve of her shirt. Or sometimes you can just see a cut poking out of her cuff. The thing is, much as I hate to say it, I think sodding Samuel may be on the right track with her – I’m saying no more. Well, apart from the fact that her father is a raging alchy. Anyway, the massive irony is that Janice could probably do with a Samuel or a Sally, to rescue her and help her out, but nobody takes any notice of Janice. It seems that it’s normally parents who care who get help for their kids, or at least notice that all is not well. The people who really need it have parents who don’t notice, or don’t care. But the thing is, apart from the cutting she does seem like all the rest of them, worried about boys and her weight and spots and all that crap. Except she does have a wild gleam in her eyes sometimes, especially if someone’s taking the piss out of her. One day she’ll blow and attack someone, but people tend to sense that and back off when she looks like she’s about to lunge. Unluckily for her, she hasn’t got a mother like mine who whisks you off to any passing therapist at the drop of a hat.