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Monday, 10th September, 2012

Samuel almost got me today. He leaned over and asked.

“Do you find peace in silence?”

I was going to just keep quiet and let him make his own mind up, like he normally does, but there was something about the stupidity of the question that made me bite.

“I don’t really get much silence do I?” I said, staring at him pointedly.

“Ah, you find me an intrusion do you?” He asked, and it was the gleam of excitement as if he thought he was finally getting somewhere that made me shut up and shrug at him non-committedly. What an idiot, of course I find him an intrusion, I’ve made that obvious enough, however, he almost got me, may well have done if he hadn’t been so eager.

But that wasn’t the worst of the day. When I got home, mum announced that she’d booked a holiday for us. Andrew and my sister Claire were really excited, asked the wheres and the whens as if it was the most important statement since Mandela’s release from prison speech.

It was worse than I feared, a week in Gran Canaria in two weeks time, the only saving grace is that it’s a week in school time because it’s much cheaper and we haven’t got as much money since mum and dad split up. Claire immediately started twittering about bikinis and sun tan lotion, Andrew actually said “cool”, who does he think he is, the Fonz?

After dinner they all settled down to watch Eastenders together, I went for a bath and hoped the taps would drown out the terrible theme tune and the droning moaning of the actors.