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Thursday, 13th September, 2012

I couldn’t face writing anything down for a couple of days, I seem to have managed to bore myself and that’s not good, also, what I’ve written seems to be a long diatribe of moaning, it was the analogy with the Eastenders actors that scuttled me for a couple of days, but now I’m back. I don’t write something every day anyway, sometimes I feel like it and sometimes I don’t, it would be a bit predictable to keep a diary and put in entries for each day, how dull. Claire likes to keep that sort of diary. I looked at it once (I know you shouldn’t and I would kill her if she looked at anything of mine, but I keep my thoughts either in my head, or hidden away, Claire left her diary open, it would have been rude not to look. . . ) Going off the point here a bit, the thing about furosemide no prescription Claire’s diary, is, no wonder she left it open, there was sod all in there, most of the days she wrote an immensely interesting “nothing much happened today” – hmmmm.