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Monday, 24th September, 2012

I can’t believe I was moaning about not going out to dinner last night, we went tonight and it was worse than a disaster. Claire had chosen this cheesy place which was a cross between a really tacky Spanish restaurant and a skanky British nightclub, it was terrible, we got a table outside, which was just as well since the lights inside were bouncing off her and mums’ sunburn and blinding other diners. There was a group of Brits who were treating the waiters as if they were family, in fact, I think they eat there every night and come back to the same place every year for their holiday. The waiters were trying their best, but mostly they looked bemused at this behaviour, particularly when the group got drunk and wanted to dance

with them and meet the chef. I did wonder about the chef actually, a cat wandered in off the street and made straight for the kitchen – I didn’t see it come out.

Anyway, mum ordered a really terrible white wine, which Claire glugged hoping she looked grown up, but instead ended up getting even pinker in the cheeks, if that’s possible. Andrew ordered what he thought was a plain steak and ended up with a mountain of sauce which he said made him feel sick. Then mum got a bit tipsy and started flirting with the waiter, and guess what? His name was Juan, or at least that’s what he told us, I’ve got a feeling that’s the only Spanish name he thinks English people recognise, except for Jose, which is what the other waiter was called – I rest my case. Well mum is ridiculous when she flirts, she only ever does it when she’s had a few glasses of wine, but the wine makes her eyelids droop so she ended up looking like a gold plated fool. Which would not have been so bad if she and Claire had not got a huge fit of giggles which attracted the whole restaurant’s attention. Even Andrew rolled his eyes at me and we never do conspiracies together.