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Wednesday, 3rd October, 2012

It’s all exams, exams, exams at school today, dire warnings about working for mocks and getting heads down for the GCSE exams. I should be able to get some decent grades, I don’t mind doing the work at school. Some of it is a load of arse, but the point is, there’s no reason to go through all these years of agony if

you don’t get something out of it. Mind you, I don’t have to live up to much, Claire only just managed to get the required 5 C grades to do some AS levels, she didn’t really know what she wanted to do so has decided to do that, but now she keeps going on about wishing that she was doing a beauticians course – get my gun.

There was loads of tension at home today, Claire’s in a bad mood because she’s “on”, I don’t know why she has to announce it to us every time. She acts as if she’s proud of it, and she uses it as an excuse for getting out of doing the washing up or being bad tempered. Andrew always hears her announcement with a studied nonchalance, but you can tell he’s embarrassed and doesn’t want to know the workings of her body. Even mum doesn’t know what to say and manages a breezy “oh dear” trying desperately to convey that the conversation is over. Mum tries to be hip and trendy, but really she’s old fashioned and prudish and gets embarrassed if there’s snogging or sex on the telly, which there always is, even if you’re watching Countdown. Anyway, when there is stuff like that on, mum fixes her eyes on the screen and goes all stiff, pretending that it’s nothing embarrassing and that she’s fine with us watching it. Still, at least Andrew has given up giggling and blushing and making fake snogging sounds.