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Sunday, 7th October, 2012

I went to see Uncle Angus today; we had lunch at his local Tandoori restaurant, which was great, having curry on a Sunday. Mum would have preferred it if he had come to us for Sunday lunch, but Uncle Angus said he didn’t want to. Which is quite rude, but then, he is rude. It’s partly why I like him; he just says what he thinks. Anyway, nobody else wanted to go and see him, so it was just us two, which I like. We drank beer at lunch, well, larger really, I don’t really like the taste, but it’s nice to drink it. Uncle Angus told me some excellent stories about his travels, he was telling me how someone tried to drug him and steal his stuff in Thailand. Uncle Angus does forget things though, he veers off when he’s talking and sometimes it’s difficult to hear the end of a story. He treats me as if I’m a grown up, he never asks me the usual questions, in fact, he never asks me anything – maybe he’s not interested. But he does laugh if I’m cutting about things and sometimes says stuff like. “Ignore that jibbering idiot”, or “what a blunderer, do what you think, his brain is incapable”. Uncle Angus has never done what he’s been told to do – it’s a religion with him. Back to him forgetting stuff, he forgot his wallet and didn’t have any money to pay for our meal. Luckily, he’s a regular there and the waiter said that they’d put it on his bill – apparently, he does it quite often. I’d better not

mention that to mum, she’ll start worrying about whether he’s coping or not and go round and hassle him. When I got home mum said that I’d missed Dad’s phone call and that she’d asked him to phone back later – luckily he didn’t bother.