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Tuesday, 16th October, 2012

I woke up this morning and felt a terrible throbbing on my cheek, a look in the mirror revealed of course, a huge, ugly spot. I think it’s from a blackhead that I tried to squeeze yesterday but couldn’t get out. I have loads of blackheads; luckily, I am not alone, school is filled with spotty, blackheaded souls, greasing their way from corridor to classroom. All that is, except Imogen Markham, she doesn’t slink around with her head bowed, she glides along like an angel. She leads a charmed life; she is the most beautiful person at school, typically beautiful with long blonde hair, big blue eyes and little pink lips. Her blonde is not out of a bottle so it doesn’t turn nicotine yellow, or look like straw at the ends and a barrel of oil at the parting the day after it has been washed. Nor does she get the telltale roots which look pitch black. Imogen Markham looks as if she’s in a shampoo or hairspray advert, her hair is thick and glossy and pure light blonde, it sways when she moves and ruffles in the breeze. The thing about her is that she’s not just beautiful; she’s also very, very nice. People say, “Oh, she’s lovely,” every time her name is mentioned and the funny thing is that her looks and her niceness do make her lovely, but things always have a price and this is Imogen’s – people say all this stuff about her, but they don’t really like her, she doesn’t seem normal. Nobody ever gets close to her, her perfection creates a bubble of personal space around her, she’s like a celebrity or someone who is very rich, people clamour round her wanting to get some of her attention, but it’s not because of who she is, it’s because of what she is, a person apart from the herd. Although she is “lovely”, although she is nice, although she has real kindness and generosity of spirit that shines through and lights up her face, although everything, she’s hated. Not openly, that would be inexplicable and mean, but underneath, people hate her, they’re jealous, why should she have so much when others are fat or spotty or just plain ugly? Also, they mistrust her, it’s not normal to be so nice, it’s not normal to ignore the bitching and gossiping and refuse to get involved, it makes people question their own actions and they don’t like it. But of course you could say it’s easier for her, she doesn’t have to fight for her place by getting over her fatness. Do you know the odd thing about Imogen? She has no idea what conflict she creates wherever she goes. She assumes that because she has good thoughts everyone else does too, she assumes that people are fundamentally nice. I wonder when her world will crumble around her, I wonder when she’ll realise that on the whole, people are shit.