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Sunday, 21st October, 2012

Mum’s friend Steven is an arse, he’s one of those people who really doesn’t know how to talk to people younger than 35, so he was trying to be funny all the time and tease us but he’s totally witless. He even ruffled Andrew’s hair – I couldn’t believe it, and neither could Andrew, he flinched noticeably. Not that that embarrassed Steven at all, he followed it up with a pretend punch to the arm, I’m surprised he didn’t ask Andrew to wrestle.

Mum was being all polite and looking daggers at us if we had elbows on the table or talked with our mouths full. Claire was trying to act like she was mum’s sister, but that didn’t last long – Steven really pissed her off by lumping her in with us.

I feel a bit badly about it though, I don’t want mum to be lonely or anything like that, but please – have some taste.

It was really odd, Dad phoned and none of us mentioned Steve, it’s not as if it should be a secret, but we didn’t mention it anyway.