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Sunday, 4th November, 2012

Mum finally persuaded Uncle Angus to come to Sunday lunch, he was on good form and was very sarcastic when anyone said anything stupid, he’s great when he’s on form. I could see mum slowly losing the warm glow she had gained from her good deed of inviting him over. But he smelt it out and irked her even more, he even teased her about Steven, I didn’t think that he’d listened when I told him about it; he was saying that he’d have to interview him and grill him on his intentions and prospects. Dad didn’t bother to phone which infuriated mum. She thinks he’s getting more and more crap but she doesn’t like to say anything bad about him in front of us. Claire is going to the firework display, she thinks it’s really cool. . . Andrew wanted to go with his mates but Mum won’t let him go on his own. What does she think? That somehow one of the fireworks will come shooting out at him?