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Wednesday, 7th November, 2012

Wednesdays are always the worst days of the holidays, you’ve lost the relief of being off school and realise that in fact, you’re bored. Claire had an interview for part time work at a shoe shop on Monday, she got all important and flustery about it, took ages getting ready and kept snapping at Andrew and I because we “got in the way”. When she got home she was unbelievably dramatic about it and we had to hear a verbatim report of it over supper. Today she got a phone call to say that she’d got the job and you’d have thought that she’d just been elected Prime Minister – what an achievement. She’s doing four hours tomorrow for the late shopping and was wittering on about what she was going to wear.

I said, “I thought you had to wear a uniform,” (it’s a bit of a fogey shop).

Then she said that she did, but she was talking about what she would wear to the shop!! What

a total, total idiot.