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Sunday, 11th November, 2012

I took my life in my hands and went to Imogen’s house today, I took The Shawshank

Redemption DVD because I really like that film, she didn’t seem at all surprised to see me. Her dad made us sandwiches, he looked pale and tired and sad. Then we sat and watched the film, she really likes Red and I was glad because he’s my favourite character too. After the film she asked me if I’d call for her tomorrow on the way to school, so I said I would, then she told me that Jed Carter had put a card through her door and let me read it, it was surprisingly sweet actually, he said that he was so sorry and that if he could help at all she should let him know. I was going to tell her that he was in the graveyard too, but I didn’t want to mention the willy thing, and I also didn’t want her to know that anyone else had been there – she obviously thinks that it was really good that I went and I don’t want to share the glory, there, I’ve admitted that, and feel like a right sap.