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Tuesday, 13th November, 2012

Imogen seemed much better today, people have started to come up and talk to her, she’s polite, but distant, she doesn’t seem to want to talk to anyone other than me at the moment, I don’t mind, it’s not as if we talk all the time anyway, she just seems

to like me being there. She noticed Matt Collins staring today and asked if I knew him.

“No, he’s just some freak who keeps staring at me.”

“Some freak who fancies you,” she said and started laughing.

I don’t know why it was that funny.

Imogen asked if I would go to the pub with her in the evening, I said that I couldn’t because Mum was expecting me home for supper and stuff, but it wasn’t that, I was a bit worried about it, I haven’t been into pubs without an adult and it would be really embarrassing if we got chucked out. She did say that The Swan off the High Street was a good one for underage drinking, so I said that we’d go another day.