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Friday, 16th November, 2012

That idiot Jade started trying to call Imogen “Immy” today, you could see Imogen bristle, but she just said “I don’t really like that nickname,” and Jade immediately caved and said sorry. I’m still a bit worried about tonight, we’ve agreed to get ready at Imogen’s and I feel like I’m selling out all my principles and joining the herd. What made it worse was that Mum said this morning, how nice it was for me to go out with a friend, as if I’d been causing her sleepless nights for all these years because I was such a sad sap, actually, thinking about it, maybe I have. Of course I didn’t tell her that we were going to the pub, when she asked where we were going I said I wasn’t sure. I’m a really rubbish liar and was blushing a bit when I said it, but luckily mum didn’t notice. I was about to try and get out of seeing Willa, but I had time to see her before Imogen’s.