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Saturday, 17th November, 2012

I feel really bad this morning, Imogen had sneaked some WKD’s for us to drink while we were getting ready, she took ages and had loads of make up on, but she seemed much happier and more confident, especially after she’d had a couple of drinks, then we set off for the Swan, we left it a bit late so that it was busy and no one would see us coming in. We decided to have cider because it’s cheaper and we thought it would make us look older, but I could feel it mixing with the WKD’s and it didn’t make me feel good, before I knew it, I had to sit down, Imogen was in her element though, there were bunches of lads there who were really paying her attention, they kept touching her bum and putting their arms round her waist, but she didn’t seem to worry, I thought she would have kicked off at them, but she didn’t, it was as if that invisible bubble around her wasn’t there anymore. I can’t really remember much else except that we stayed at her house and her dad hadn’t waited up for us, which was lucky, because we were both staggering about a bit, and Imogen seemed really drunk, making loads of noise and giggling, then saying she thought she was going to be sick. This morning I feel really bad and keep trying to have something to eat but it makes me feel sick. I left Imogen in bed and came home, this is when it’s lucky that you are not a chatty person, nobody in my house noticed that I had a raging hangover, they all just thought I was being my usual self!