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Tuesday, 20th November, 2012

It’s still going on, Jade and Rebecca keep trying to be best buddies with Imogen and because they’re so keen they keep trying to talk to me, I mostly just ignore them, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and then, on top of that Jed Carter sidled up and asked me how Imogen was doing, he didn’t quite get his piece out, but he was fiddling with it all the while – I think that’s a sign of nerves rather than any type of sexual satisfaction, at least, I hope so. I told him that she was doing all right and that if he fancied her he ought to just go and tell her. I think I might have misread his interest though, because he just sort of stood there staring at me for ages with a look of horror mixed with bewilderment on his face, then he gave his wanger a final scratch and walked off. I mentioned it to Imogen and she said that she’d seen him outside her house a few times, either walking up and down the road, or standing on the other side staring at her windows, I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t mentioned it before. She thinks he’s a freak, but I wonder, I keep thinking of him lurking about at her mother’s funeral and the fact that he’s now lurking about outside her house. I have a feeling that there was some sort of family death a few years ago in his family, maybe it’s that.