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Sunday, 25th November, 2012

The Swan was buzzing last night; there were loads of people there, some from school and some of the people from last week. Imogen was a bit of a mare, she virtually dumped me as soon as we got there and let all her admirers ply her with drinks. In some ways I didn’t really mind, I don’t want to get involved in all that false talk and flirting, it’s like a cattle market in the area near the bar, everyone stands there trying to look cool and eyeing each other up. So I was quite happy to sit at one of the tables and watch, I was a bit worried about Imogen though, she let those blokes touch her up even more that last week and the more she didn’t stop them the more they tried. Later she told me giggling that one of them had suggested

a shag outside where the barrels are. “I hope you told him to piss off.” I said, but she said that she’d just laughed; she’s a nutcase at times.

The other thing was that Matt Collins came in, he came late at about ten o’clock, he looked a bit glassy eyed, so I think he had been drinking somewhere else first. I was feeling a bit drunk by this time and actually made eye contact with him for a bit. I think he was going to come over and speak but one of his mates called him over and he got caught up in a big conversation. When we were going out of the pub I caught sight of Jed Carter, he had clearly been lurking about inside for a while but I hadn’t seen him, I

tried to catch his eye to kind of apologise for what I’d said to him, but he glared at me as if I was one of those animals he was about to torture to death. He can be a bit scary, sometimes he gets a look on his face which is almost inhuman, as if there isn’t a brain or a soul anywhere in his body, just an empty carcass, or at least that’s what I thought at the time, maybe I was pissed, it’s not like me to get over dramatic.