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Friday, 30th November, 2012

I told

Imogen that I didn’t really want to go to the Swan this weekend, but she was really upset by it. The thing is, I didn’t really want to go, not because I don’t enjoy it, it’s not too bad, but because I don’t want to get involved with all those idiots who hang around there and I also kind of feel as if I’m losing part of myself by going along with the crowds, they talk about all the trivial stuff that really winds me up. Imogen didn’t ask why I didn’t want to go, she just begged and pleaded and said “oh go on, come with me.” I said that I didn’t know why she wanted me there so much; she seemed to get on without me standing next to her. But she said that she wouldn’t relax unless I was there and that she relied on me. I couldn’t quite understand her argument but it seemed to be very important to her. I tried

the old “Well why don’t we give it a miss this week and go next week.” But that didn’t seem to work either, so we’re off to the Swan tomorrow. I feel very odd about it, I can’t think of many times when I have had to do something that I argued about doing.