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Saturday, 1st December, 2012

Mum kicked off a bit about me staying out three Saturdays in a row – I always stay at Imogen’s, her dad doesn’t notice if we come in stinking of alcohol

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and clearly drunk, he’s still

wrapped up in his world of grief. Mum would be a different story and I don’t think she’d like it. I was a bit put out, it wasn’t so long ago she was trying to encourage me to go out and “enjoy my youth” and “mix with people of my age”, but that’s parents for you, never satisfied. Anyway, I had to use the old “Imogen’s still upset and her dad doesn’t like her going out because he’s still sad” routine, I felt like a right crapster saying it, but it seemed like the only excuse that was a winner and apart from that I was wondering why I was getting it in the neck when I didn’t even want to go. Even Claire piped in with her “you go out more than me these days”, what a handy comment, thanks Claire.