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Tuesday, 4th December, 2012

Imogen came to dinner today, it was Mum’s idea, she wanted to “get to know her” a bit more, I wonder if she’s more intuitive than I thought, maybe she thinks that Imogen is a bad influence on me!! Anyway, dinner was fine, although Andrew kept staring at Imogen, it was weird because he has always quite disliked girls, but Imogen is like a picture on a chocolate box. We went up to my room to listen to music and I asked her how she was feeling these days about things, but she just started shifting about and looking uncomfortable and said that she was “alright”. I get a bit confused sometimes, I feel that as her friend I ought to try and make sure that she’s alright but I also think that one of the reasons she wants to be my friend rather than friends with anyone else is because she knows I don’t go in for too much talking. I asked her what she thought of the blokes at the Swan and she said she thought they were scum really but it took her mind off things. No – I wasn’t expecting that answer either.