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Saturday, 8th December, 2012

The family dinner was a nightmare of course, creepy Steve was invited, as if he’s part of the family and he tried to take over the whole conversation, with his cheerful “I hear you’re going out more often these days” to me. A horrifying “Gosh your hair looks nice,” to Claire – “Gosh” what kind of an idiot is he? Of course Claire got all giggly and proud about the compliment – she can’t see through him at all, sap that she is. He then spent ages boring us rigid by having a football conversation with Andrew, later Andrew told me that Steve doesn’t know the first thing about football “but at least he made an effort”. Hmmm, what an effort, boring sod. I am really glad that my bedroom is at the back of the house, if it was next door to Mums like Claire’s is then I know that I would be kept awake all night trying not to hear any noise from in there, because of course Steve stays over as a matter these days.

I’m terrified about going to this party, I don’t know why; Imogen is coming in about half an hour so that we can “get ready” here. I feel faintly sick.