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Sunday, 9th December, 2012

Last night was a right old caper. Imogen was really excited from the moment she turned up at my house with some bottles stuffed in the bag with her clothes. She was going to make a real effort for this party; there was no stopping her. She had even brought some clothes for me, but I wasn’t going to get into that, I didn’t like the clothes and anyway, I’m taller than she is. Then she started going on about us doing our make up together – make up, I never wear make up, when she couldn’t get her own way about that she insisted on plucking my eyebrows. It was like having your skin ripped off in tiny agonising bits, eventually she got really angry with my shrieking and told me to shut up and keep still or I’d end up with the tweezers stuck in my eyeball. When she’d finished I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it, it looked like someone had taken sandpaper to my eyes, she kept tutting and saying that it would go down soon. How wrong she was, I ended up having a full make up job to get rid of the redness, along with a restyle on my hair, I think this may well have been a cunning plan on her part, but after she’d finished with me I looked like another person. Luckily I was then left alone to watch while she plucked and preened and powdered her face, but she did look good when she’d finished, she just looked better although the make up wasn’t too obvious. When we were finally ready we set off for the party which was at Matt’s house. It was a half hour walk, Imogen wanted to get on the bus, but it was embarrassing enough walking down the street with a throbbing face and too much concealer without getting on a bus.
I’d started to calm down a bit after we had had a few bottles at my house, so I wasn’t feeling as nervous as I had been, but as we started to get nearer my stomach was turning somersaults and I didn’t know why, I don’t know if it was because I though Matt Collins was interested in me and I didn’t know how to handle it, or whether I worried that he wasn’t interested and that I’d made it up in my head, or whether it was because the party was bound to be full of idiots and I’d have to sap it out in the corner, what I do know is that if Imogen hadn’t been marching us purposefully down the road I’d have legged it big time.

When we got to the party it was heaving, there were people everywhere, we pushed ourselves into the lounge and opened a bottle each, it was dark and quite smoky and it wasn’t just cigarette smoke, there was the sickly sweet smell of some blow being smoked, I didn’t recognise the smell, it was only later I saw the three dudes sitting under the stairs in their own little group away from the party and saw them passing round a spliff that I knew what it was. I don’t know how strong their smoke was but they certainly looked as if they were melting into the walls.

I couldn’t see Matt or anyone we knew so we stood there for a bit while people looked over at Imogen and seemed to wait for an opportunity to come over to talk to her. All of a sudden Jed Carter appeared out of nowhere and just stood at my shoulder, I said hello and he said “All right,” and then he just stood there, I couldn’t think of anything to say it was really embarrassing, but then all of a sudden Imogen stepped in and started talking away like she does when she’s had a few drinks, she was asking him how long he’d been there and what he was up to, he just stood there giving short answers and staring at her, then one of the blokes turned up from the Swan and Jed suddenly vanished. Every now and then I’d catch sight of him lurking somewhere, staring away, he didn’t seem to talk to anyone else.

Then Matt came in, talking to his mates and came over to us, it was really odd, we’d gone into the sitting room not knowing anyone and before long we were the centre of all the chat and comings and goings, I suddenly realised what it was that Imogen liked about being in the bar crowd at the Swan, it was the power, the power of holding court while everyone else danced attendance to her. I suddenly felt uncomfortable, I didn’t like it at all, I felt that for one thing, the attention was mostly for Imogen and I was just her friend, also that when I did get the attention I didn’t know what to say or do, and lastly, that it was all so fake, all this power play, who’s in and who’s out, all that crap, I really wanted to leg it. As all this was going on I suddenly realised that Matt was talking to me and expected an answer, apparently he’d said that he needed to go to the offy and was asking if I’d go with him. I didn’t really know what to say so I took the easy option and said “yeah, all right.” Imogen said that’s she’d be fine on her own, in fact I think she barely noticed that I was going.

It was freezing outside, I’d had a horrible feeling that loads of Matt’s mates would be going to the offy with us, but luckily, it was just he and I and then I started panicking about what I was going to say. He’s not much of a talker either, we just walked down the road not speaking for a bit, and then he said that he had “wanted to talk to me for a while, he thought I looked interesting,” I told him that I wasn’t really, but he said that “I wasn’t like any of the others.” After that it was easy, I knew he didn’t expect any trivial crap from me, so I could talk about things that were actually important, actually, I must have sounded like a right piece of work, because I ended up slagging off the whole world, but instead of him looking at me as if I was mad or thinking what a bitch I was he laughed and agreed, he came out with a few classic waspish comments himself and I really laughed. I felt better on that walk to and from the offy than I did at the party.

When we got back to the party I got a bit of a shock, Imogen was disappearing upstairs with Lee Brown that idiot in the Matrix band who kind of has a thing with Jade, I don’t know if they are still together, but whatever the answer, if his taste is bad enough to have anything to do with Jade then he must be a right scumbag.

I stayed talking to Matt for quite a while but Imogen didn’t come back, in the end she must have been gone for about an hour and a half, Matt had said that everyone had to be out of the house by midnight so before we knew it we had to get going. It was a really long cold walk back to Imogen’s house, I asked her what she’d been doing with Lee upstairs and she said “just talking”, I could hear someone behind us and realised that Jed was following us up the road, we slowed up and waited for him and he walked with us to Imogen’s house and then said “You shouldn’t have anything to do with Lee Brown, he’s bad news.” Then he walked off.