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Tuesday, 11th December, 2012

Today, was just the worst day, it started when Imogen and I were walking into English, as we walked past Jade and Rebecca, Jade hissed “slag,” I didn’t think they were talking to us until Imogen stiffened beside me, then I thought that they must be talking to me, they used to say things like that every now and then when we were younger and before they were afraid that I was some sort of a psycho, but for weeks now they’ve been trying to be friends with us. We just ignored it, partly because it was a shock and partly because we weren’t going to sink to their level, but then it kicked off again after the lesson.

Jade said, “You’re such a slag,”

So I said, “Shut up you idiot, go and talk to someone who cares what you say.”

But then she said, “I’m not talking to you, it’s your mate who can’t keep her knickers on.”

It was a bit of a shock, but I grabbed Imogen’s arm and tried to walk her away from it all, saying over my shoulder “You’d better piss off Jade,” as aggressively as I could.

But Jade was in a right temper and she followed us screaming “Lee told me all about it, he told me you were desperate for it, he told me everything.” Then it really turned into a nightmare, Imogen went stiff and started to turn round, everyone in the corridor had stopped to stare and some of them were starting a “fight, fight, fight” chant. Jade was red and furious and before I knew it she’d slapped Imogen really hard on the face and had grabbed her hair. Imogen was trying to get out of Jade’s grip and people all around were laughing and cheering, I don’t know how it happened, but before I knew it, I’d somehow got Jade off Imogen and punched her so hard that she was sprawled on the floor crying. I was shaking, really ashamed of what I’d done, the corridor had gone quite except for Jades furious crying and Imogen was just standing there staring. I didn’t know what else to do so I grabbed her and we walked out of school.

Imogen was spluttering with “the cheek of it all” and swearing blind that she and Lee hadn’t “done anything,” and that he was a “lying scumbag” and that “Jade was mad bitch.” After a while I said that we’d better get back to school before we were in massive trouble, but that if she wanted to go home I’d try and cover for her, but she said that there was no way she was going to be chased out of school by the likes of Jade and that if she didn’t brazen it out she’d never be able to show her face again. I was really impressed with her, it had been such a nasty experience, but she wasn’t having any of it and we literally marched back into school. As it turned out, it was Jade who had gone home and Imogen and I got an hours detention for being late for the next lesson, but so far there hasn’t been any mention by any teachers about the fight, I don’t know whether they’re turning a blind eye or whether they actually missed it, I don’t think they could have missed it though, since it was such a Jericho Rumpus.

All through the day people were trying to get the goods on what had happened, but luckily they didn’t ask Imogen, and they didn’t dare ask me, I now have a huge psycho reputation, even bigger than it was before.