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Wednesday, 12th December, 2012

Jade still wasn’t at school today and the scandal of yesterday is already beginning to abate because kid in year 10 has been suspended for being drunk at school. Anyway, the idiots have decided that Imogen is to be courted again, since she has clearly won the day, it’s sickening, how quickly you can be built up or toppled from the top of the castle. I hadn’t realised just how many people follow the lead because they are so terrified of being left out of a group on their own. They’ll follow anyone who seems to be in charge, yesterday they were screaming for blood like a bunch of animals and today they’re meekly trying to ingratiate themselves on the winning side.

Imogen was right to march back into school holding her head up, Jade’s absence has made her more vulnerable than she can possibly imagine.

Last night Imogen phoned me up and said “I forgot to say thanks today,” I asked her what for and she said, “you know, helping out and standing by me and punching Jade.” I said don’t worry about it, but I was still feeling a bit bad about the whole thing.

Willa’s not well and has rescheduled our appointment for next Wednesday, I wish it was on Friday as I expected, my head is whirring with all the stuff that’s been going on lately.