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Sunday, 16th December, 2012

Well last night was another interesting one, firstly, I hadn’t seen Matt since his party, he said that he hadn’t been at school because he was working on his car for the MOT, I didn’t even know that he had a car, or that he knew how to fix one, but apparently he has and his brother helps him out with the fixing. Matt walked straight over when he came in and asked me what I wanted to drink, which was good as Imogen was doing her usual flirting and cavorting around the bar with various drunken idiots.

Matt and I had a long conversation about what we were going to do in the future, or at least it was a long conversation about thinking about options. I don’t even have much of an idea about what A’ Levels I want to do after GCSEs or where I want to do them. Matt is doing his A’ Levels at our sixth form and is thinking of going to Bristol University if he can get in or Exeter or Sussex, he wants to do a degree in Philosophy, I asked him what he would do with a degree in Philosophy, but he said that he didn’t think it mattered.

I hadn’t even thought about a degree, so he started grilling me about what I was interested in or what I thought I wanted to do, it was all getting a bit like the careers day, which had flown out of my head as if I had never had the conversation, but when I remembered it, I managed a passable explanation of my likes and loathing in journalism and hopefully didn’t come across as too much of a know-nothing fool.

Matt’s friends had been dropping in and out of the conversation, getting up and talking to people and then coming back, they all seemed to be nice and didn’t try and take the piss like some people do, trying to make you look small. I was actually beginning to feel almost part of a gang and it made me feel oddly comfortable rather than awkward and embarrassed. But then everything began to go badly wrong. One of the idiots round the bar called Steve started groping Imogen even more than usual and another bloke whose name is Tiggs, although I’ve no idea why, suddenly started getting arsey about it and threw a punch at Steve, then there was a right mess of testosterone explosion with all sorts of blokes steaming in, Imogen just stood there in the midst of it, nearly getting a good kicking just because she was in the way. Matt and I were really crap at first, we just sort of sat there in shock before jumping up to pull her out of the way, but in fact there was no need since Jed Carter seemed to appear out of nowhere and whisk her out the door. We followed them out leaving the mayhem in the pub with the landlord phoning the police and trying to get the fighters out. I was shocked and frightened and wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible, but Imogen just stood there and laughed. Jed had to grab her hand and drag her off towards her house. The last thing Matt said to me as he was leaving us at Imogen’s was “your mate’s a bit of nutter isn’t she?” Luckily, he didn’t expect an answer, because I don’t know what I’d have said. There’s loyalty to a friend, but there’s also the truth.