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Monday, 17th December, 2012

When I got up this morning, I had a real feeling of dread. Firstly, I was still feeling knotty in the stomach about what happened at the pub, particularly, since Imogen had phoned yesterday and not mentioned it until I did when she said, “Oh well you know those blokes,” as if it was not a problem that they kicked ten barrels of crap out of each other over groping her. Then of course was the lurking spectre of Jade.

I needn’t have

worried about that though, Jade was back and seemed to have rejuvenated after her time off because she swaggered about as if she owned the school and threw a “don’t think I’ve finished with you,” comment at me to regain some cred. If I hadn’t still felt guilty about it I’d have reminded her that I’d finished her off, but I didn’t bother I

just walked off.