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Wednesday, 19th December, 2012

I finally had my appointment with Willa, it’s weird, I spent all that time really resenting having to go and see these people, I felt as if I was being thrust off to see someone when there was nothing wrong with me, but now I feel differently. It’s not that I think there’s anything wrong with me, or that there ever was anything wrong. Maybe it’s Willa,

she has never patronised me or tried to get me to say things that I didn’t want to, it’s easier and I don’t mind talking to her. I know that what I say to her is confidential and I know that she won’t hold what I say in her mind or her notes and then throw it back in my face later. She just listens and then says something interesting and practical or she keeps quiet. We talked a lot about Imogen, Willa feels that she is still in shock over her mother and that it’ll take time for her to get over it, she thinks that it’s not surprising she’s going off the rails but that different people work through their grief in different ways. She did say that it was worth keeping an eye on how she was dealing with it and trying to be there as much as possible to support her. When I said I was crap at that sort of thing she just kind of looked at me for a bit and said that she didn’t think I was at all. It really is weird, I felt much better after talking to her, not at all the way I used to feel before – as if I’d just had five teeth pulled out.

Thank god we break up from school tomorrow, but having said that, it’s mayhem at home. Claire has some spare cash because of her job and is acting as if she’s Lady Bountiful, dropping hints about what presents she’s bought and all that rubbish. I suppose I’m going to have to hit the shops and see what kind of presents I can get. I hate it though, at this time of year all the shops are full of is glittery clothes for parties, rubbish sets of toiletries and packs of jams or mustards for the older folk.