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Thursday, 20th December, 2012

You can really tell what a different year this has been, firstly, I got Christmas cards at school from people who had never even spoken to me, it really pissed me off, people are so shallow. Jade has been avoiding me after her awe-inspiring insult on Monday. Everyone was

in quite a good mood and we didn’t have to do too much in the lessons or anything.

I did have a bit of a shame alert though when Matt came up and gave me a card and a present – it was only embarrassing because I hadn’t got him anything. I’ll have to sort that out pretty quickly, I opened it and

saw it was a writers guide to getting articles published, it’s a really thoughtful present, but now I’m worried about what to get him. I know I shouldn’t really have opened it, but I’m crap at this kind of thing and need all the help I can get. All in all the day wasn’t too bad until I got home and Claire told me Steve the creep is coming for dinner.