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Saturday, 22nd December, 2012

I hate shops, I hate shopping and I hate people. I can’t believe what a nightmare today’s shopping was, there were people everywhere, walking along in huge groups, not leaving any room for anyone else to get past, that is of course, if they didn’t just stop still to look at something, making sure that people behind them bumped into them, and then had the cheek to tut about it. Of course there were people who couldn’t make up their mind whether they wanted to go into a shop or not, so stood outside, blocking the doorways or made sharp last minute about turns to get in. I really could have stood and screamed at them, but they were like bunches of sheep who had no idea where they were going. All this of course was just the joy of getting into a shop, once in there, the things you wanted were sold out, people barged you out of the way, and if, by some miracle you found something you wanted to buy you then had to queue behind thousands of people for hours, who complained about how slow the queue was moving but still didn’t manage to get their money ready in time to pay. I’ve never seen so much routing about in handbags for purses that seem to be invisible but turn out to be the size of a pillow when they finally get unearthed. I’m still so mad I can’t even be bothered to write what I bought. Then Imogen came over we were going to wrap our presents, it was of course her idea, I felt like a sap, normally I leave it til the last minute and get it done as quickly as possible, but she came over with all sorts of ribbons and stuff, I must admit, they were the best looking presents I’ve ever been involved in.
I got a phone call from Matt after lunch, I don’t remember ever giving him my number, but he asked if I wanted to go and see a film, I was a bit taken aback, but did manage to say yes, so I’m meeting him later at eight. I

think Imogen would have liked it if I had asked him if she could come too, but considering the last thing he said about her was that she was a

bit of a nutter, I thought it best not to raise it. . . .

That is a bit mean though, especially as she helped me with all the presents I bought yesterday – she’s really good at knowing just what people want. I got him a new release of some David Bowie stuff on DVD – Matt’s a big fan of early Bowie.

Oh, and Imogen is coming on Christmas Eve and she’s bringing her Dad.

Tonight was brilliant, I’d been worried that there’d be some sort of back row nonsense going on, and then also worrying that there wouldn’t be, I don’t know about Imogen being a nutter, I think I’m worse. But I needn’t have worried, it wasn’t any embarrassing arm round the shoulder crap, he just took hold of my hand for a bit and left it at that. Afterwards we went for a coffee and just talked for ages and then he walked me home and we had a snog. I really enjoyed the snog, I thought I’d make a real cods arse out of it, but his lips were soft and not too wet, he didn’t choke me with his tongue and we didn’t bang teeth. It was nice and gentle and it made my heartbeat and flutter, it felt sexy – I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Oh, and he really liked his present, I did confess to having opened his and said it was really good – which it is. The woman who wrote it gets annoyed about the same kind of things that I do too.