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Sunday, 23rd December, 2012

It’s one thirty in the morning, I should be knackered but I just can’t sleep, part of it is a bad feeling about Imogen’s dad, part of it is left over frustration with the family and part of it is Matt. Mum had us up at the crack of dawn this morning ordering us to get the house ready for the party. We were on cleaning rota while she hit the shops as early as possible for the party and for the Christmas and Boxing Day food. Even Claire, who normally gets stuck in was grumpy about how much we had to do, Mum had left us dire warnings that it had to be done by the time she got back or death to us all – we had to get on with the cooking once the food arrived.

Andrew didn’t know what had hit him when Claire bossed him into doing the downstairs loo and watering the plants, he normally manages to get out of this kind of crap – amazing how much you can get away with when you have a wanger..

When it was finally done and we were hot, sweaty, tired and grumpy Mum shot into the house with a new set of instructions. Sausage rolls, pizzas, quiches, dips and chopped up veg, all that kind of thing, plus more tinsel, sorting out the cards etc. No sooner was this under control than she started going on about who was going into the bathroom first, what we were wearing, I have no idea why she wanted to have this party if it was going to drive her to a nervous breakdown.

Eventually, we were all ready and looked presentable enough to pass Mum’s inspection (not helped by that idiot Steve turning up early and making comments on how well we all scrubbed up – what an arse). Then Mum started panicking because she thought people weren’t going to turn up, then when they turned up she was panicking in case she hadn’t made enough food or bought enough drinks. Imogen and her dad turned up at about half eight, I haven’t seen him for a while because he never seems to be around, but he looked terrible, greyer in his face and his hair, thinner and kind of blank in the eyes. He sort of stood about, talking to people if they talked to him but not making much of an effort. He was drinking straight whiskey all night and eventually began to sway on his feet. His eyes were following Imogen wherever she was and he started to call her over to him all the time, she would rush over to placate him and then slip off as soon as she could. He patted her bum and her head every time he could and basically tried to treat her as if she was seven, the pressure was clearly getting to her because she kept sneaking into the kitchen for more drinks (Mum’s kind of OK about us drinking, as long as it’s not too much and as long as we don’t get drunk).

The party was very bizarre, all this chatting and drinking going on while all sorts of emotions were being played out. Steve was trying to stamp his authority on the house by offering people drinks all the time and acting as if he’d moved in. He kept saying that Mum should sit down and enjoy herself since she’d put in all the work. Then at ten in the evening there was a knock at the door and Matt was standing there, he wanted me to go for a walk, I said I couldn’t really as there was a party but he wanted me to slip out for ten minutes, so I said alright and got my coat, but then Imogen followed me out and the three of us just walked for a few minutes, which was embarrassing as I was worried Matt wanted to say something but couldn’t because Imogen was there. But worse was yet to come, when we got back to the house we found that Imogen’s Dad was standing swaying in the sitting room with tears streaming down his face and that nobody had noticed, or if they had they weren’t doing anything about it. He wasn’t making any noise or anything, but if you looked at him the tears were pouring down his cheeks. Matt was really good and said that he would walk Mr Markham and Imogen home, but Imogen’s dad suddenly came to and said that he would drive them back as he’d bought a car, it was ridiculous, he was in no state to drive so Matt said that they ought to leave the car and get it in the morning. Mr Markham was having none of this, as he needed the car in the morning “it’s Christmas Day for God’s sake”, he ended up shouting. In the end, Matt managed to persuade him that he was insured to drive the car (he wasn’t) and bundled them in with Mr Markham still complaining. He’d got a bit aggressive like people do when they’ve been drinking, I was really worried because I know that there were loads of police about stopping cars because of drunk drivers and I could just imagine them being pulled over and Matt not being able to produce an insurance certificate.

I waited for ages and finally he got back and said that he had got them home OK but it was a bit hairy and that he hoped that Imogen’s dad had just been really drunk because if not, he needed some help. I asked him if there was something he wanted to talk to me about, but he said that he had just wanted to see me.

By this time people had started to go and most people were quite drunk, Andrew had buggered off to his bedroom, bored with the whole thing and Claire had conked out on the sofa, you could tell that mum was a bit drunk because she hadn’t woken Claire up and sent her

to bed and she kept looking over at me all the time, whereas normally, she would have been very discreet if I had someone over. Matt and I went into the kitchen to get a bit of peace and a drink, but then there was a huge embarrassment when Claire, who had woken up, stumbled into the kitchen to get a drink of water and found Matt and I kissing. I couldn’t believe what she said – “God, who’s snogging you?” It was so embarrassing, I could have killed her, but at least when he turned round and she saw who it was she had the grace to say sorry and stumble off to bed. Unsurprisingly, Matt decided it was time he went.