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Saturday, 29th December, 2012

Mum said it would be OK to go to the party on New Years Eve, Claire grimaced over at me. I think she’s a bit jealous, I think she quite likes Matt herself and can’t understand what he sees in me. Imogen is really excited and has insisted that we go shopping tomorrow to hit the sales and get something new to wear. I can’t think of anything worse, but she’s got some money burning a hole in her pocket and wouldn’t take any of my attempts to get out of it. Claire said she couldn’t believe I was actually going clothes shopping, so I told her to mind her own business and then said perhaps she minded mine because she didn’t have any of her own. She stamped off in a huff.

I could kill Imogen for insisting we went shopping today, it was worse than when we went before Christmas, even more aggressive, I couldn’t believe the people barging you out of the way of the clothes racks. Imogen shops like a demon though and managed to grab some stuff that I liked but hadn’t seen on the rail. Eventually we managed to get something in the right size. I don’t understand how the average size of a woman in the UK is supposed to be 14 and yet all the clothes that are in the sale are 14 or over, there are hardly any 10s let alone 8s. But Imogen managed to find me a pair of black hipster trousers and a hippy top with mirrors in it that was really nice and half price. She got herself this spangly dress number, I couldn’t believe it when she thrust it in my face and said she couldn’t be serious about buying it, but when she tried it on she looked really good, I thought she was going to look like a stripper. We came back to mine after and had something to eat while she rattled on about what time I was going over to hers the next day to “get ready”, unfortunately she was gabbling on while Claire and Andrew were there, Claire started smirking at me as if to say “I always knew you were a big girl really” and Andrew rolled his eyes in disgust. It was really embarrassing, but Imogen was oblivious to the mountain of shame she was causing me.