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Saturday, 12th January, 2013

It was such a shame filled evening last night, first of all, Matt said that we were going to go to the Dawdling Hedgehog, which is one of those renovated pubs where it’s all wooden floors and fancy pictures. I wasn’t keen, I find those places a bit intimidating, everyone is really dressed up and trying to look all sophisticated. When we got there, Matt was already there with a couple of his mates, but as Imogen and I stopped to talk to them someone came over and asked if we had any ID. Imogen started off with a tale of how we didn’t but that we were old enough, but the bloke just stood there looking bored and when she finally stopped just said: “If you haven’t got ID, you’ll have to leave.” It was really, really embarrassing, Matt and his mates still had almost full pints, which they were about to neck, but we said that we’d go to the Swan and they could come on afterwards. One of Matt’s mates was already moaning as he wanted to stay in the Hedgehog, so Imogen and I just went – well we had to, the bloke from the bar was standing there waiting until we’d gone. As we walked out people were staring and smirking as if to say “How did you ever think that they’d serve you in here.” When we got to the Swan we sat down and I spotted Jade and Lee Brown having a drink behind Imogen’s shoulder. I got a bad feeling in my stomach as I could just see something kicking off, they hadn’t seen us yet, but I knew Jade had a load of street cred to make up. Luckily, I spotted Jed Carter sitting on his own in a corner table (he really is a weirdo, fancy coming and sitting on your own in a pub), anyway, I whisked Imogen off and we went and sat with him. He just looked bemused at our behaviour and muttered “How’s it going?” Imogen was a bit mean, she said “Yeah, fine thanks.” And then launched into a fit of giggles with me about the shame of being chucked out of the Hedgehog, as if Jed wasn’t there at all. But, to be fair to her, I tried to involve him in the conversation and he didn’t seem that interested, he just wanted to sit and listen and watch. It’s funny, but I used to find his habit of staring really creepy, but now I find it sort of reassuring. Then I felt even better because I saw Jade and Lee leaving the pub, my sigh of relief was so great it nearly wooshed them out the door. I don’t think I was the only one because just at the moment that Imogen may have spotted them Jed suddenly flipped his willy onto the table and leered at us. I haven’t seen him do that for a while so I was a bit surprised. Imogen just said “I wouldn’t boast about that if I were you,” Jed started laughing, a proper belly laugh and then put it away – to think he was looking bemused at our behaviour. . . Just as I was getting over the shame of being chucked out of the Hedgehog, Matt came in with a couple of mates and a girl who had been at the Hedgehog earlier, she was moaning about coming to The Swan which she was calling an “old geezers pub” and saying that she didn’t see why they had to go there just because some “girls couldn’t get served”. Imogen was glaring up at her and spitting feathers, and I was thinking that just as one disaster is averted another one rears its head. We managed to ignore her for most of the night so it wasn’t too bad.