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Friday, 18th January, 2013

We got our mock exam timetable today, it’s a nightmare, the exams start on 5th of Feb, we only have about three weeks to study. I think we should have had the timetable earlier, but the school cocked it up – great. On top of that, Imogen is really angry with me for not going out with her tonight, but I realised that I haven’t seen Uncle Angus for ages and I suddenly wanted to see him very badly.

Luckily he was in and we went for a curry – he remembered his wallet this time, but he was a bit weird and every now and then his mind would wander in the middle of a conversation. He did ask me if there was anything wrong and I said no, I just wanted to see him, but he couldn’t have believed me because he started on a long conversation which started with him telling me that things that seemed important at my age really weren’t important at all and that the older he got the more he realised that there is very little that is important apart from treating everyone as equal and not ever doing people a disservice, Uncle Angus never notices the world that’s closest to him, but he always knows what’s going on in the wide world. He really talks a lot of sense and makes you wish that you were as good and noble a person as he is, to him, things are simple, you just have to be a good person and never do anything you’re ashamed of. But I’m not a good person, at least, not naturally like he is, I have a short temper when it comes to fools – he does too, but he can always see some sort of saving grace in someone, even when he is sarcastically pointing out their inadequacies. I bet he doesn’t have anything like the bad thoughts about people that I do.