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Sunday, 20th January, 2013

Did some studying today, I don’t want to make a complete mess of my mocks, but my mind kept wandering to last night. It was weird– Imogen was being her usual flirty self round the bar area and Matt and I were sitting at a table talking, then there was a bit of a commotion as this awful bloke called Steve who is always trying to get off with Imogen went too far and put his hand up her skirt. Imogen got really angry and started telling him to get lost, but he was a bit drunk and told her that it was obvious what she wanted. . . Then out of nowhere as usual, Jed Carter appeared and then loomed over to Steve. He just said “she told you to leave her alone mate.” And when he said mate, it was obvious that Steve was the last person in the world who was Jed’s mate. Steve thought about if for a minute and then said “fuck you both” and walked out of the pub. The thing about Jed is that he has a look, it’s a psycho look, and it literally means, I have nothing to lose, I could actually kill you here and now and not worry about the consequences – the thing is, it’s not just a look. I’m beginning to realise that where Imogen’s concerned he really means it. I called him over in the

awkward silence after the confrontation and he came and sat with us. He didn’t say much, but kept his eye on Imogen for the rest of the night. When Matt went to the toilet I told Jed that I thought he really liked her. He looked me straight in the eye for a few moments and said “she’s special”. And I suddenly knew what he meant, I had known it all along, but had forgotten it because she can be a bit annoying at times and always wants her own way. But he was right, she is special, as these thoughts were going through my head, he said “but you know that, don’t you?” And I said, “yes, I know that.” Then he just got up and walked off, honestly, he’s got the timing of a film star at times, but I don’t think he does it on purpose. Then, weirdly, he was lurking about outside to walk us home, I don’t know where he’d been in between, but Matt was quite relieved as he was quite knackered and he didn’t have to walk me home!!