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Monday, 28th January, 2013

Somehow or other, Imogen talked me into going round to Jed’s tonight. He was in, but didn’t ask us in, instead he told us to wait a minute and shut the door. After about five minutes of us looking like idiots at his front door, he came out with his coat. He had a black eye and as we were walking along (going nowhere in particular) I asked him how that happened. He just rubbed it and said “Just me Dad”. Just me Dad? “Your Dad belted you?” I asked him really shocked and he said. “Yeah, but don’t worry about it, I hit him back.” – Blimey. Anyway, we ended up in one of those little kids parks and sat on the

swings like a bunch of idiots. Imogen just barged on in with – “why have you been excluded then?” He said “well” and then spent ages thinking about it, then he said that he reckoned it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as the rumours that were spreading. Apparently, Mr Harris, who is an English teacher had noticed Jed lurking about instead of being in his English class, he’d gone out to fetch him in, but Jed wasn’t ready to go and told him to F off, then Mr Harris had tried to persuade him, but Jed wasn’t having any of it. Then he said that he wished Jed was more like his sister, then Jed went mental and threatened to hit him and then the head got involved and Jed was excluded. Imogen said that she didn’t even know that Jed had a sister and Jed told us that he did and that she used to go to the school but she didn’t anymore. When Imogen asked him why he said that she lived with his nan. We didn’t know where his nan lived or anything, Jed said that she lived about thirty miles away, but that he didn’t see her very often because it was difficult for him to visit her and she never came to visit him. Then Imogen steamed in and asked why she lived with his Nan, but he just said “me Dad and that.” I think Imogen was going to press him, but I grabbed her arm and she looked at me and kept quiet. This was the most information we had ever had about Jed and he clearly wasn’t comfortable spilling his guts so it was best not to push him. After that we talked about stupid stuff and I cracked a joke about some of the rumours about him, he really cracked up when I told him the one about him snogging a boy. He held onto the swing, threw his head back and laughed from the bottom of his belly, it was infectious and we all started laughing really hard, but I couldn’t help noticing that it made his black eye glow and throb.