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Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

Uncle Angus has been taken to hospital, he fell over and broke his hip. I couldn’t believe it, as he thinks that’s what old people do, and then I realised, he is an old person. He is spitting feathers, moaning about being in hospital, moaning about his liberty being taken away and moaning about the fact he has to have a replacement hip – “it’s an outrage”, he keeps raging. “They’ll mend, they’ll mend. But the nurses really like him and flatter and coax him, which seems to both annoy and enchant him – what a sap. I’m just really glad he’s moaning, otherwise I would be worried. Of course this has set mum off on one of her worries about him and wondering whether he’s all right on his own and that sort of thing. But I told her, if she thinks she’s going to shift Uncle Angus, she’d better think again.