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Saturday, 2nd February, 2013

Went to see Uncle Angus this morning, he was still moaning, he is able to have his hip operation in a couple of days, apparently, you normally have to wait, but because his break was bad, it doesn’t seem worth fixing it and then replacing his hip. I really enjoyed seeing him, even though he was moaning, but I kept thinking of last night. We had a great time, Imogen was really sparky and funny, Matt was pleased to see me and was quite cuddly and attentive, which is sometimes annoying, but I liked it last night. Even Jed turned up in an almost normal frame of mind and got into our rounds (he normally insists on just buying his and not buying for anyone else or having them buy for him). He seemed quite relaxed, as if his telling us

about his sister had taken a burden off him – but maybe it was me doing the usual and thinking too deeply rather than thinking he may just have been having a good time. Imogen and I had the birthday discussion – she wanted me to have a full-blown party, but I really didn’t want to, I don’t know that many people well enough, or like them enough to invite them to a party. I wanted to just have a little get together, but by the end of the night it was decided that there would be a party at Imogen’s and she would be in charge of the guest list, not only that, but she’s decided that the party will be held on the 14th which is not the weekend closest to my birthday, but in fact Valentines Day . . . Today, this is really worrying me.