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Sunday, 3rd February, 2013

Swan again, it’s a good job I don’t buy clothes, make up and magazines out of

my pocket money, or I’d have no money left for going to the Swan, as it is, I haven’t bought a book in months and am really fed up with my book collection at the moment. But at least Mum has got used to me going out and doesn’t question me about where I’m going at the weekend. Although Claire has made a couple of cracks – she thinks that if I can go out on a Friday and Saturday nights and not study then I’ve got time for the washing up. I told her that she ought to get her own life, rather than worry about mine. She told me to piss off – so articulate. More studying with Imogen today, the mocks start tomorrow – some days it’s not too bad, we just seem to get on, have a bit of a laugh and before you know it, have done a couple of hours revising, other times, it’s a hard slog and the minutes tick past as you realise that you haven’t absorbed anything at all. On top of all this, it’s Uncle Angus’s operation tomorrow, I’m going to see him after school. I’ll wait with him until Mum is finished at work. Claire and Andrew aren’t going to go, Mum said that it might be too much if they all came too and they weren’t bothered anyway.