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Thursday, 7th February, 2013

What a shit day, first of all, there was a commotion in the maths mock. This idiot called Brendon had a massive nose bleed and had to be taken out, he walked past Jade and managed to drop some blood on her paper and she started making all sorts of fuss and going on about HIV (except she called it Aids), for God’s sake, she is such an idiot, always has to make a fuss and make other people feel badly. On top of that, I managed to have a row with Imogen without even trying. I asked her how her dad was doing, she said he was the same as usual. Which made me think that he must be drinking and crying like he was before, so I asked her if she’d managed to get in touch with her aunt. She suddenly turned on me and told me that I was the biggest hypocrite she’d ever met, saying that I always really complained if people poked their nose into my business, but that I thought it was OK to try and poke my nose into hers, and who told me I had the right to do that anyway. I was quite shocked and stood there, not knowing what to say, but it didn’t matter, because she stormed off. I popped in to see Uncle Angus, he suddenly seemed much better, he had more colour in his cheeks – my God, I sound like an old wive’s tale – and he seemed much brighter. He was back to making caustic comments about people and told me that the man two beds away must have a sorry past, since he woke Uncle Angus up in the night, shouting “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” Uncle Angus thinks that he must have committed some very grave sin in the past!!