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Sunday, 24th February, 2013

It was really good last night – about time too, as this week has been really crap and boring. I don’t think that I’ve been in a good mood since my “party”. I must have been a bit grumpy because Claire said: “are you on, or something?” I could have smacked her, silly cow. Anyway, it was good last night, Matt was in a really good mood, Jed turned up and was being dry and funny. He was talking about some of the crap answers he put on his mock papers, he’s never been very good at school, he’s always in the bottom classes, in fact, I don’t know how well he can read. That card that he sent Imogen after her mum died was full of mistakes. I hope he does get some qualifications, otherwise he’ll never get away from home. Imogen came over with Paul, who isn’t too bad a bloke. He says some stupid stuff sometimes and tries to talk about and tease Imogen as if she’s not there sometimes – he actually thinks we’re going to laugh along. I think he got the message eventually, after we’d stared at him blankly when he did it.