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Sunday, 3rd March, 2013

Not only has Mum asked creepy Steve to move in, but she actually had him there over the meal while she told us. I don’t know what she expected us to say – oh great, well that’ll be nice. We sat there and didn’t say anything, in fact, if it hadn’t been for the fact that it’s such bad news it would have been funny because Claire, Andrew and I just looked down at our dinner plates and never said a word. This prompted Steve to blunder in about not trying to take the place of our father. What an idiot, there is no place to take. . . Eventually Mum asked us if it was OK, to which Claire replied, “yes, if it makes you happy.” Which is actually a kind and grown up thing to say and surprised me. Andrew said “I suppose so,” in a tone of voice which clearly meant, no it bloody well isn’t you nutters. I could only manage a “Mmm” because it wasn’t alright but I knew what Claire meant, and I do want Mum to be happy, but I don’t want that creep lurking around all the time.