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Friday, 2nd August, 2013

It’s no good, I had to finish with Matt, I told him that I’d made a big mistake going back out with him, that I couldn’t get past the him and Jade episode and that I was sorry but I couldn’t go any further with it. I told him that I was happy to be his friend, but any more than that made me feel dirty and degraded and I couldn’t deal with that. He affected my personal pride and that was too much of a price to pay. The poor bloke did sit there while I ranted on at him and in the end when I finally came to a stop, he said the worst possible thing: “Are you sure?” At that point I left since the only alternative was to smack him round the head. I went to meet Jed at the butchers shop and we stopped in the park and talked it over before we went to the pub. He didn’t say anything while I was talking, but then he said that he thought I’d done the right thing and put his arm round me. Then he said, “Come on then, I’ll buy you a drink”. It made me laugh because we always have a kitty.