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Monday, 5th August, 2013

Jed’s had another big bust up with his Dad, he’s got a big black eye and a cut on his forehead, but he said that he’d given as good as he got and he thinks this time things might change. He said that he knew he’d frightened his Dad this time and that he’d never done that before, his Dad’s chucked him out, but that’s nothing new and he said if it was OK he’d spend a couple of nights at Imogen’s and then go home. We thought that he should get some help and report his Dad, but Jed told us not to be ridiculous, he asked us what we thought would happen if he did that, and then went on to lecture us on the fact that he’d be taken into care and anything at home was better than that. Jed is still a real enigma to me at times. At times he seems really logical and strong but at other times you can tell that he’s lived too much life for someone of his age. It’s funny how sometimes life seems to be going really well and then it all takes a downward turn and then everything seems to be going wrong.