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Thursday, 8th August, 2013

Imogen’s Dad is coming back at the weekend; he seems to be much better when Imogen talks to him on the phone. Aunt Sarah said this person he’s seeing thought that his relapse was just a temporary one due to the loss of his job. My question would have been why he lost his job in the first place, but they seem to think that he’s OK and that he’ll be fine at home. Aunt Sarah said that she’d keep a good eye on him so Imogen mustn’t worry about it. Mind you with her working and the amount of time she spends out, there’s little chance of her being too drawn into his problems. She amazes me about how detached she is about him, but it’s no good asking her because she gets in a mood and accuses me of interfering. I think that either she thinks that he’s let her down by not being stronger when she needed him after her Mum died, or he makes her feel guilty because she has managed to cope better and it makes it look as if she didn’t love her Mum as much as he did. I don’t know, she’s weird about it, but then anyone would be who’d been through what she has.