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Tuesday, 13th August, 2013

Claire has started going on an on about her beauticians course, she thinks that she will either own her own salon as soon as she leaves college or that she will be beautician to the rich and famous. Mum makes me laugh because she keeps trying to be really supportive even though she hates the idea of it. Mum and Steve seem to still be getting on really well, they laugh and joke together – terrible jokes but they seem to like them. It’s not so bad having him around now, he doesn’t try to hard, so he’s not such hard work, he doesn’t try and interfere with us too much or boss us around. The AS results are out on Thursday, I wonder how Matt’s done; I hope he’s done all right. Claire of course won’t be getting any as she didn’t sit the exams, she’s a bit of an idiot going on about the beauticians course so much because it’ll be all over the papers when the exam results come out and Mum will be faced with the fiasco of Claire.