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Thursday, 15th August, 2013

Matt phoned to say that he’d got an A and 2 B’s for his AS levels. I was pleased for him, but couldn’t believe that he’d managed to study so hard and shag Jade at the same time. . . He used the call as an excuse to ask me out again, this time I was prepared and said that I meant what I said about not getting together with him. He said that he’d understood that, but he thought that I might want to go out as friends. I told him that for the moment I was only comfortable seeing him when other people were around and that it would be a while before I wanted to go out with him on his own. Then he played his banker and said that he thought I’d come out and celebrate his results. Like an idiot I said that I’d see him at the Swan later as Imogen and I were already going. Now I have to persuade Imogen to come to the Swan tonight – not that she’d need too much persuading. How can I still be doing what Matt wants after all this time?