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Saturday, 17th August, 2013

Madge gave Imogen and I a bit of a bollocking yesterday for not going over to customers quickly enough. The thing is, she is quite right – we don’t, but most of the time customers want to browse before they get hassled by a shop assistant. If you do go over they say, no we’re just looking and roll their eyes. I tried to explain this to Madge but she said it was better to be overly helpful rather than not helpful enough, she’s right I suppose. But I spent all yesterday evening and this morning having eyes rolled at me. Jed said that those women were back in the butchers today and told him that “his friend”, was back home. Sounds as if she’s better, or maybe the place she went to needed a bed. Her father has been remanded in custody, that’s all we know about. I asked Jed and Imogen if they thought we should go and see Janice, but they said “no way”, or at least Imogen did. Jed didn’t say anything. I’m sort of glad that Imogen said that, because I didn’t really want to go round and she’s made me feel better about not going – am I still making everything revolve around me?