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Thursday, 22nd August, 2013

I’m so happy, I can’t believe how well I’ve done, I got 3 A**, 5 As and 2 Bs. I’m really pleased with that, I’d managed to convince myself that I’d made a real cock up. Imogen got 1 B, 5 Cs and 4 Ds, she’s not very happy, especially since it looks as if she will have to resit maths. But my favourite results are Jed’s he got 5 Cs and 3 Ds and an E. It’s much better than he expected and much better than anyone else thought he’d get, there was a time that people thought that he’d only get Es and Fs. He must have done really well in some of his exams because his coursework was a bit dodgy in parts. It means that we all have enough to get into sixth form college which is really good.