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Saturday, 24th August, 2013

Had a great night at the pub last night, it was just a celebration, we had to all keep our voices down about what we were celebrating for in case we got chucked out for being under age. I think they must know in there that we’re underage, but they turn a blind eye. Not surprised really since we spend quite a lot in there, and there is hardly ever any trouble. Jed was like a gladiator; he almost swaggered with confidence about how well he’d done. At one point he said: “I don’t know how to say thanks to you, now I’ve shown my Dad that I’m not the piece of shit he thought I was.” I told Jed that his Dad ought to realise that it was him who was the piece of shit, not Jed. But Jed just said: “Well he had a hard life you know, his Dad used to beat him.” I suppose clich├ęs come from the fact that they happen so often, but it’s still a toe curler. How can Jed say that and not realise what he’s saying, or maybe he does and just accepts it. It’s a mad world at times, and to think it was me who got sent of to a counsellor. Matt came in later with a congratulations card, I said: “But you don’t know what I got, do you?” He said: “No, but I knew you’d done well.” Sweet, but not sweet enough!!