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Tuesday, 27th August, 2013

Just when I thought everything was going really well again it all seems to fall apart. Jed turned came to the pub with a load of bags. He’s had the biggest row ever with his Dad; he seems to think it is the biggest row because it didn’t have any violence in it. His Dad doesn’t want him to go on to the sixth form, he says that he should get a job and earn his keep and that A Levels aren’t for the likes of their family. Jed tried to stick to his guns but his Dad wasn’t having any of it, he said that either Jed got a job or he was out of the house. Imogen and I said that it would all blow over like it did before, but Jed’s convinced it won’t. He’s got nowhere to stay tonight; I said I’d have a word with my Mum and that he could stay with us. But Imogen said he should go to hers because her Dad wouldn’t even notice. Jed said that he would tonight but then he’d have to go to his Nan’s because that was the only place he had to go. I felt really sick when he said this, I really didn’t want him to go, I’d really miss him. When he went to the toilet Imogen and I said that if we could keep him here for a few days maybe things would sort themselves out so we set about trying to talk him in to it. But the thing with Jed is, he’s a really stubborn person, when he makes his mind up about something it takes ages to shift it. In the end we had to give up and decided to have another after he’d slept on it.